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Plan Your ESTATE Without Leaving Home

Virtual Estate Planning on Zoom with Attorney Mark Gullotta


The Law Office of Mark Gullotta offers virtual estate planning services through Zoom, so you can plan your estate without leaving your home or office. While most of us know we need an estate plan, it can quickly fall off the priority list for a variety of reasons, one of them being lack of time. But, with our virtual offerings, you can plan your estate from the comfort of your own home and still get the exact same high-quality level of service you would if you met with us “in-person.” 

As the world becomes more virtual, we want to work with you about your specific needs and situations, and give you the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your family. The value of meeting and discussing your own family’s unique situation with a real, licensed, and experienced estate planning attorney is not the same as using a Do-It-Yourself estate planning service by going at it alone.

We encourage you to schedule a Zoom meeting with us to learn more about our virtual offerings including the ability to gift an estate plan to a friend or family member. Gifting an estate plan to someone else, such as your children, helps to push them to be responsible, or simply helps out a friend that could not otherwise afford one.


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Do you Even Need a Proactive Estate Planning?

Not everyone needs Proactive Estate Planning. If your situation is simple – not much property, no children, or no worthy cause, a simple Will can mostly work quite well.

However, if you do have property, real estate, business, and loved ones, most likely a Proactive Estate Planning will benefit you and your beneficiaries.

How to find out?

We offer a free assessment of your situation. The outcome can be one of one of four.

  • You have simple case.  We will refer your to an online service where you can do you Will yourself.
  • You have a very complex case.  We will be happy to refer you to offices who specialize in such complex situations.
  • You have an Estate Plan in place and it is sufficient based on the current Law and your situation.  No changes are needed.
  • You don’t have an Estate Plan but need one, or have one which is not current. You are an ideal candidate for our Proactive Estate Planning Service