If You Have Children or a Worthy Cause

An Estate Plan does not only Help You.

It mostly Protects Them!

If You Inherited Property

That Goes Through Probate,

An Experienced Attorney could Make a Big Difference!

When Your Living Trust

Needs to be Properly-Administered,

A Knowledgeable Attorney will Ensure Correct Execution.

Every Estate Plan has 3 Enemies

A sound Estate Plan takes 3 factors into consideration:

  • The owners’ wishes
  • The family circumstances
  • Estate Law

Therefore, an Estate Plan cannot be just a “set and forget” solution to your situation.

Once there is a change in one or more of these 3 factors, the Estate Plan may not be as effective as it was when created.

The Threats

Any change in the assumptions upon which the Estate Plan is based – change in owner wishes, change in family circumstance (divorce, new baby), or changes in Estate Law (which happen periodically) – can lead to one or more adverse outcomes:

  • The owners’ wishes are not followed
  • The division between the beneficiaries changes
  • A feud emerges between the beneficiaries
  • High legal and accounting expenses that could have been avoided 


The Solution: Proactive Estate Services

In our Proactive Estate Services approach we do not view an Estate Plan as a static document.  We know that as your life changes, your Estate Plan must be flexible enough to change with it.

And yet it needs to be revisited periodically to account for changes in the underlying assumptions.

And our Proactive Estate Services go beyond just creating an Estate Plan

We can assist you from planning to execution and beyond.  We offer full Probate Services as well as full Trust Administration Services.



Why Should You Even Listen to Him?

Attorney Mark A. Gullotta, Esq.

Attorney Mark Gullotta has been practicing Estate Law for over 15 years.

He has served hundreds of clients by helping them create customized Estate Plans that meet specific criteria, representing clients in Probate cases, advising Trustees and beneficiaries regarding Trust Administratiion

Mr. Gullotta is certified as one of the top attorneys of North America for the years 2015-2019.

Here is what some of his clients say about him.

“Mark completed our Living Trust. He was very professional and explained all the details to us to set up the Trust. I would recommend this lawyer without hesitation. Excellent personality and covers all the different situations.”


“Mark is knowledgeable and friendly. He answered all of our questions and explained everything thoroughly. We highly recommend him.”


Based on his years of experience and protecting clients from adverse situations that could have been avoided, Mark has created the Proactive Estate Services system with the objective of minimizing (or even completely eliminating) such negative outcomes.

The Successful Outcome

What can you expect from Proactive Estate Services?

  • A much more predictable Estate Process
  • Minimize surprises
  • Achieving desired protection for your loved-ones
  • Upfront pricing
  • A comfortable planning experience
  • Keep you informed regarding the whole process
  • A flexible plan to grow with you and your family


The High Cost of Leaving Things to Chance

In the absence of an Estate Plan or relying on an outdated one, the surviving family members may be in for a rude awakening.

Similarly, a non-professional Trustee can incorrectly administer the  Estate.

And in case the Estate goes to Probate, improper representation in the courts can leave the surviving family members in a far worse situation had they retained an expert Probate attorney.



Do You Even Need Proactive Estate Services?

The world is divided into 3 groups.

  1. Those who have little property and do not need a Will or can do it themselves.
  2. Those who have a lot of property and need incredibly complex (and expensive) Estate services.
  3. The rest.

Which group do you belong to?

There is one way to find out.

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