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Our Process

We help families with no Estate Plan or an insufficient one create a fixed-price comprehensive solution which eliminates estate uncertainty from their family’s future.

To accomplish that, we have developed a simple, 3-step process anyone can follow. It gives you certainty right from the first moment and puts you in the driver seat to decide how to proceed. Here it is.

Step 1: 15 Minutes to Rest Assured

  • Tell us about your situation
  • Have a 15-minute phone call with our primary attorney
  • We give you a fixed price for a comprehensive solution right on the spot (or a range of prices if some things still need to be clarified)
  • If acceptable, we schedule an appointment

The fog is cleared with no surprises.

Step 2: Together We Address All Your Needs

  • In the appointment, we go over all scenarios and help you discover some you might not have thought of
  • We suggest options, make recommendations,  and let you choose
  • We patiently answer all your questions and clarify any misconception or confusion you might have

The road is clear and we’re ready to go.

Step 3: We Create the Estate Plan & Activate It

  • We create a legal comprehensive solution for you and your family
  • We activate the plan and put all necessary parts in motion

That’s it.  You’ve just got peace of mind!