Trust Administration Services

What Does a Trust Administrator Do?

Here is a sample list of typical tasks a Trust Administrator performs:

  • Obtaining legal documents and records necessary to administer the trust and certify the validity of the trust when dealing with third parties
  • Collecting monies owed to the trust
  • Maintaining an inventory of trust property
  • Consulting financial, tax, and legal advisors regarding proper administration of the trust
  • Paying debts and expenses of the trust
  • Managing trust assets and investments
  • Obtaining appraisals or valuations of trust assets
  • Selling trust property
  • Filing tax returns
  • Providing information to trust beneficiaries
  • Distributing trust income and property to beneficiaries
  • Executing documents to transfer title to trust property to beneficiaries

How can a Proactive Trust Administration Benefit You?

A Proactive Trust Administrator can anticipate and act upon events along the life of the trust. By doing so, they can often save considerable expenses that would otherwise have to be paid.  These can included legal fees, accounting fees, and the like.

They can also bring sanity to an otherwise tense situation between family members and beneficiaries.

Do you Even Need Proactive Trust Administration Services?

Not everyone needs Proactive Trust Administration Services. But if you as the Trustee or as a beneficiary feel that the situation is too complex, hiring a professional attorney can be one of the wisest moves you can make.

How to find out?

We offer a free assessment of your situation. The outcome can be one of several:

  • You have a simple case. You can manage the trust without an attorney.
  • You have a very complex trust. We will be happy to refer you to offices who specialize in such complex situations.
  • You realize that administrating the trust requires a lot of responsibility and hands-on effort. You feel that you need an attorney to make sure you conduct yourself in an efficient manner and abide by all legal duties and responsibilities. Proactive Trust Administrative Services can help.

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