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Regardless of the assets involved or what stage of life you are in, estate planning can be a complicated and challenging process. What strategic measures you employ to safeguard your financial stability and provide a legal voice for your wishes highly depend on your current interests, as well as your desired goals. As an experienced San Mateo County estate planning attorney, I understand that estate planning requires careful preparation and individualized attention in order to be effective.

Helping You Plan for Your Family’s Future

Estate planning creates a foundation on which to place your financial stability and guard your interests. Constructing this support for your future involves a few basic legal building blocks. Basic, however, doesn’t necessarily mean simple. The essential components can be either modest or complex, depending on the amount of your assets and desired outcome.

Our Practice Areas

Guidance for Probate & Estate Administration

Sometimes you may be called upon to protect the interests of a loved one after they are gone. If you are the named executor of an estate, you have a set of obligations and responsibilities that must be completed according state-defined rules and regulations. Regrettably, probate duties must usually begin while you are still grieving. The process can get especially complicated if another party contests the validity or the provisions of the will. At The Law Office of Mark Gullotta, I offer the supportive legal counsel you need to navigate through probate court. Additionally, I have years of litigation experience and can provide the assertive representation you require to protect your rights and the requests of your departed loved one.

Experienced San Mateo County Estate Planning Firm

I recognize that any aspect of estate planning can seem overwhelming at first. At The Law Office of Mark Gullotta, my clients’ cases are handled directly by me and not passed off to a paralegal or associate. I offer personalized legal counsel through every aspect of your estate planning or probate process, no matter what the nature of the challenge or the level of difficulty. Whether you are beginning your estate planning process, need to adjust measures you currently have in place or require assistance with probate, I can help! Contact my office today to schedule a free case consultation.

Insightful Counsel for Your Estate Planning Needs

When thinking of estate planning, many people believe that it is only necessary for the wealthy. However, this grave misconception can leave assets vulnerable, put wishes for end-of-life care up for debate and/or create tension among heirs. Everyone, no matter the size of their assets, should have an estate plan in place to guard their financial interests.

I also provide clients with a free trust review to go over with them what their trust says and how it will affect their family. If you purchased a trust in the past, I can review the trust if you don’t know if it’s up to date with current law, if things in your family have changed since you last did your estate plan or if you simply don’t understand what is in your trust. Call my office to schedule an appointment to review your trust and make sure it is up to date!

Broad Financial Perspective

I began my career as a CPA and then obtained my MBA from Santa Clara University. My accounting background has provided me with a broad financial perspective not commonly found in other law firms. I can recognize the monetary implications of most financial estate planning measures and help you accurately decide which would best suit your goals.

Assertive Representation to Protect Your Estate

Most effective wills and trusts contain a no contest clause; however this does not always deter a disgruntled inheritor from contesting provisions. Additionally, some executors and trustees may fail to live up to their fiduciary duty to the estate, either because of lack of knowledge or willful disregard. If you have been named an as executor or trustee of an estate, I sympathize with how daunting a task it may seem.

At The Law Office of Mark Gullotta, I offer the supportive legal counsel you need to navigate through probate or trust administration. Additionally, I have years of successful litigation experience. For any challenge to an estate or if you need to dispute the actions of another trustee or executor, I can provide the assertive representation you need to protect your rights, as well as the wishes of the departed loved one.

Contact Our Experienced Team for a Free Consultation

It is never too soon or too late to construct an effective estate plan. Whether you need to protect your family’s financial stability, document your final wishes or modify an existing provision, I can provide the compassionate and knowledgeable legal counsel you require. Request a free case consultation today to learn about the options available to you.